Love for God, spiritual love is actually the food, it is the life, and it is the essence of Lord Jesus Christ. He is enjoying the nectar of devotion to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That nectar of devotion, love for God, therefore is what he is telling us, "This is what you must also have. What I have, you should have that. What I am doing, that is what you must do. What I have is the loving service of the Supreme Lord. My first and foremost commandment is to love the Supreme Lord with all your heart, your mind, your entire being. The second commandment is, you love others as much as you love yourself, and as much as you care about yourself you care about others." This is love.

The suffering that people are experiencing breaks the heart of the lover of God because he is immersed in love for God; automatically he is loving others. Therefore, seeing others suffering he feels great sadness therefore he wants to alleviate that sadness, motivated out of love, "Let me do something to make it possible so that they can taste the nectar of love for God." Your spiritual life is the growth of that plant of love for God in your heart.  That growth of love for God, bhakti that is in fact Jesus Christ's essence that is what he wants you to taste.  He wants you to taste the nectar of devotion.  He wants you to taste what he is tasting because it is a taste which is much sweeter than the taste of this world.

Happiness is within you. By loving God, doing God’s will, you begin to get a higher taste and purpose in life. Spiritual love is the highest happiness and the only happiness that can truly satisfy the heart and soul. A spiritual loving relationship with God exemplified by Lord Jesus Christ is the only anchor for our restless heart.