Traveller, hast thou never heard of Sridham Mayapur,
The holy Abode of God manifest to our view in the Iron Age?
Yea, God has His invisible Home everywhere,
And visibly in the hearts of those who serve Him in the spirit;-
Of which the homes of poor mortals are but a faint,
Distorted shadow. Our earthly homes are a hollow bubble
That is ever pricked by the springing thorns of evil.
Our mirage home is full of the ghosts of joys and fears
Conjured up by a sickly imagination.
All earthly poetry is a cunning make-believe
Of unsubstantial forms that bring no relief.
What madness has the ribald imagination instilled in its victims
By its deluding charms that ever promise
To lead to an ill-defined paradise that nowhere exists!
It has woven many a dream of false peace and security
Round the mortal hearth to consign our hearts to its illusory cares!
There is no earthly home for our souls who are the eternal servants
Of the Lord that dwelleth ever on high.
We are the household of the Lord and His Home is our only home.
Sridham Mayapur is the eternal Home of God,
Graciously manifest on this earth to the eye of faith!
There is no other home for us than the Home of God, Sridham Mayapur.
Foot-sore pilgrim, ever deluded by empty promises
Of the heaven of a mythical home at the end
Of thy aimless sojourn through this dark vale of death,
Bend thy weary steps to the House of God in Sridham Mayapur,
To meet there Thy Lord, thy Beloved and thy All;
To serve Him in every relationship through all eternity,
And realise there the heaven thou seek’st
Of deathless perfect existence, truth and joy!
The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna-Chaitanya
Sheds His causeless mercy on the worst of sinners,
And keeps His gate open night and day
For all chance-comers who may luckily seek His unstinted hospitality
To be welcomed back into the Home of their Father by Himself!
Believe, make haste and be blessed, indeed!
There is harmony, peace and joy only under the Father’s roof,
And under the despotic sway of unalloyed love.
The eternal willing service of the Beloved is the immutable law owned by the soul;
And the absolute rule of the Beloved is the very life of His sweet-heart!