antah-aghamdirty things
antah-ahitaplacing within the core of the heart, somehow or other
antah-amisa-gandha-vatis like the fleshy smell coming out from within
antah-ananamthe inside of the mouth
antah-angewithin the body
antah-aramahactive within
antah-atmathe Supersoul within the core of the heart
antah-atmathe mind
antah-atmawhose mind and heart
antah-atma-rupein the form of the Supersoul
antah-atmakamthe internal, subtle senses
antah-atmanaalways thinking of Me within
antah-atmanahfrom the core of the heart
antah-atmanahof the heart and soul
antah-atmaneunto the Supersoul in everyone's heart
antah-bahih-yogenaby connection with the inner or outer circles
antah-bahistvamthe quality of being first-class or last-class
antah-bhakti-rasenaby the mellows of inner love of Krsna
antah-bhavayaunto He who resides within
antah-bhumyamwithin the earth
antah-carahcan penetrate into everyone's heart
antah-dadhatewill disappear
antah-dasainternal condition
antah-dasaraof the internal condition
antah-gatahHe is always present within the core of the heart
antah-gatahcome together
antah-gatahentered within
antah-hrdaya-akasa-sarirethe Supersoul within the heart, as meditated on by yogis
antah-hrdayamin the core of the heart
antah-hrdayamwithin the core of the heart
antah-hrdayatfrom the core of the heart
antah-hrdayein the core of the heart
antah-hrdayesuin the cores of the hearts
antah-hrdiwithin the core of the heart
antah-jalamwithin the water
antah-jalein the depths of the water
antah-jalein the midst of the water
antah-jalewithin the water of devastation
antah-jyotihaiming within
antah-karanamind, heart
antah-karana-kuharein the core of the heart
antah-karana-sarani-panthatama traveler on the path of the heart
antah-karanatfrom the mind
antah-khein the middle of the sky
antah-klesa-kalankitahpolluted by inner miserable conditions that continue even after death
antah-manasahof the internal mind
antah-nihitaabout the contents of the pot
antah-pravistahaving entered the universe
antah-pravisyaentering within
antah-purathe internal abode
antah-purato his private home
antah-puramfemale residential quarters
antah-puraminside the house
antah-puramprivate residence
antah-puramwithin the private house
antah-sabhayamwithin the jurisdiction of the great assembly
antah-salilein the water
antah-samudratfrom within the ocean
antah-samudrein the depths of the ocean
antah-samudrewithin the depths of the ocean
antah-samuttha-kalinaby creating enmity between the brothers by disagreement
antah-sarasiin the water
antah-sarasiwithin the river
antah-sparsahslightly feeling within
antah-sthahthe set of letters so known (ya, ra, la and va)
antah-sthitahstaying among them
antah-sukhahhappy from within
antah-vanewithin the deep forest
antah-vipinewithin the forest
antah-vistarahthe distance inside Lokaloka Mountain
antah-vrajewithin the inside of Vraja, in the house of Nanda Maharaja
antah-yamiindwelling Lord
antah-yamiindwelling Supersoul
antah-yamithe Supersoul
antahkaranahthe core of whose heart
antahpurainside the rooms
antahpura-sthasyaremaining inside the house or palace
antahpura-vartinahthe inhabitants of the palace
antahsthahbeing within
antaka-asiby the sword of death
antaka-uragatfrom the great serpent of time, which brings death
antakahone who causes the end of life
antakahthe destroyer, death
antakamAntaka, or Yamaraja