amara uparaupon me
amara va hayamay be Mine
amara vacanaMy order
amara vacanamy instruction
amara vacanein My words
amara vacaneunder My order
amara-acaryamthe spiritual master of the demigods
amara-danavandemigods and demons
amara-drumaihwith eternal trees
amara-drumaihwith trees brought from the heavenly planets
amara-ganahthe demigods
amara-ganamthe demigods
amara-gananall the demigods
amara-i brahmandein my brahmanda
amara-ibhamhis elephant
amara-isahthe demigods like Brhaspati
amara-loka-abharanamwhich is used for the ornaments of the demigods, the denizens of the heavenly planets
amara-loka-sriyamthe beauty of the residential places of the demigods
amara-mayahconsisting of the demigods (who are only external parts of the body)
amara-parivrdhahthe best of the demigods
amara-pravaramthe chief of the demigods
amara-priyahvery dear even to the demigods
amara-strisuby the wives of the denizens of heaven
amara-turyesubeating of the drums of the demigods
amara-uttamamthe best amongst the demigods
amara-varyanonly unto the demigods
amarahO demigods
amarahthe demigods
amaraihby such demigods
amaraihby the demigods
amaraih apieven by the demigods
amaram jayaihwith fighters who could gain victory over the demigods on the battlefield
amaranall the demigods
amaranthe demigods
amaranamof the demigods
amaratamliberation in one's life
amaratvama lifetime like those of the demigods
amarefor Me
amareto Me
amareto us
amareunto Me
amareupon me
amarewithout death
amare chadiyagiving up My company
amare chadiyaleaving Me aside
amare darasanalooking at me
amare dekhiteto see Me
amare kahenahe said unto Me
amare kahibayou should inform Me
amare kahibethey will speak of Me
amare lanataking Me
amare miliyaafter meeting Me
amare nehanejust seeing me
amarehaeven upon Me
amarsaby anger
amarsaby indignation
amarsain intolerance of the offenses
amarsaof His intolerance
amarsaof deliberation
amarsawith anger
amarsa-vipannayaindistinct through anger
amarsanaha son named Amarsana
amarsanamfearsome (due to His anger)
amarsayabecause of unbearable anger or envy
amarsayitvaafter causing to become angry
amarsitabeing very angry
amarsitahVirabhadra, being greatly angry
amarsitahbeing angry
amarsitahbeing very much perturbed
amarsitahfor whom the function was unbearable
amarsitahin an angry mood
amarsitahunable to tolerate
amartasyaof one who does not die
amartyaO immortal lord
amartya-nadyamon the bank of the transcendental river (the Ganges or the Yamuna)
amartyasya apieven one who is a demigod
amasahawith Me
amatamnot conclusive
amatein Me
amateto me
amateunto Me
amateupon Me