aindrimknown as an Indra-yajna
aindrimof King Indra
aindrim caand to the quarters where Indra lives
aindriyahin the matter of the senses
aindriyakamknowledge derived from the senses
aindriyakamproduced by the senses
aindriyakamwith reference to the material senses
aindriyamall meant for sense gratification
aindriyamall the senses
aindriyamthe senses
aindriyatfor sense gratification
aindriye dhiyahwhose minds are absorbed in thoughts of superior sense gratification
aindryahof Indra
aineya-ajina-vasasawith a dress of a deerskin
aineya-carmablackish deerskin
ainuI came
ainuI have come
ainuhave come
ainuwe have come
ainu muniI came
airaof Sacimata
aira mandireat the house of Sacimata
airavana-adayahheaded by Airavana
airavatahAiravata, the elephant of King Indra
airavatah namaof the name Airavata
airavatamAiravata, carrying Indra
airayanwere spreading
airemother Saci
aisacome back
aisacome here
aisahave come
aisayou may come
aisa mora gharecome to my place
aisachehas come back
aisamof Lord Siva
aiseautomatically awakens
aisecame there
aisecome there
aisecomes back
aisego there
aisethey came
aisethey come
aiseused to come
aise krsnaKrsna is
aisena dhanacome here with great haste
aisvarambringing understanding of God, or Krsna consciousness
aisvaramof great personalities like Lord Siva and the great sage Saubhari
aisvarasyaof opulence
aisvaryaand opulence
aisvaryaby opulence
aisvaryadivine power
aisvaryamaterial opulence
aisvaryamystic opulences
aisvaryamystic power
aisvaryaof opulence
aisvaryaof opulences
aisvaryathe opulence
aisvaryawealth and power
aisvarya ha-itethan the understanding of opulence
aisvarya jnanetewith knowledge of majesty
aisvarya kahitewhile describing the opulence
aisvarya na janehe does not know opulence
aisvarya prakasaexhibition of a miracle
aisvarya prakatanamanifestation of godly opulence
aisvarya-adiof all kinds of opulence
aisvarya-anandabliss due to opulence
aisvarya-bhavethe mood of full opulence
aisvarya-jnanaknowledge of opulence
aisvarya-jnana haitethan transcendental love in opulence
aisvarya-jnana-hinadevoid of knowledge of opulences
aisvarya-jnana-hinawithout reverential considerations
aisvarya-jnana-misraknowledge of Krsna mixed with a reverential attitude
aisvarya-jnana-pradhanyein the predominance of awe and veneration
aisvarya-jnana-yuktawith understanding of the opulences
aisvarya-jnanebecause of knowledge of the opulence
aisvarya-jnaneby understanding of the opulences
aisvarya-jnanedue to knowledge of opulences
aisvarya-jnanein knowledge of the opulences
aisvarya-jnanein opulence
aisvarya-jnanein the knowledge of opulence
aisvarya-jnanein the understanding of opulence
aisvarya-jnanetewith knowledge of the opulences
aisvarya-jnani-ganelearned scholars knowing the opulence of Krsna
aisvarya-madebeing proud of his opulence
aisvarya-madhurya-mayafull of opulence and the sweetness of love
aisvarya-mattasyaof one who was intoxicated by opulences
aisvarya-mattenabeing very proud of material opulence
aisvarya-mayafull of opulence
aisvarya-pravinaprominence of awe and reverence
aisvarya-purnafull of all opulences
aisvarya-sagaraan ocean of opulence
aisvarya-sithilaweakened by majesty
aisvarya-sithila-premeto love enfeebled by opulence
aisvarya-svabhavaopulences and characteristics
aisvaryahwhose unlimited opulence
aisvaryammaterial opulence
aisvaryammystic perfection
aisvaryampossessing opulences
aisvaryamsuch opulences
aisvaryamthe opulence
aisvaryamthe opulence of independence
aisvaryamthe riches
aisvaryamwhose opulence
aisvaryanithe mystic powers
aisvaryatbecause of your material opulence
aisvaryatfrom opulence
aisvaryeand by opulence
aisyamthe ability
aisyatiwill come back
aitotato the place named Aitota
aitota asi'coming to the nearby garden named Aitota
aitota asi'coming to the place known as aitota
aitota haitefrom the temple of Aitota