agniof the demigod controlling fire
agnithe demigod controlling fire
agnithe demigod known as Agni
agnithe fire
agnithe fire (by a fire sacrifice)
agnithe fire-god
agni ulkaflames of fire
agni-adehby setting on fire
agni-agareat the place where the fire sacrifice is performed
agni-agarein the sacrificial hall
agni-dahwho set fire
agni-dutahthe fire-god messenger
agni-hotraof the agnihotra-yajna
agni-hotra-adiritualistic ceremonies such as the agni-hotra-yajna
agni-hotra-adinaby offering sacrifices to the fire, etc.
agni-hotramis Your eating through Your sacrificial fire
agni-hotramthe sacred fire ceremony
agni-hotrein the fire sacrifice
agni-hotrimabsolutely necessary for the production of yogurt, milk and ghee to offer as oblations in the fire
agni-jihvahthe demigods
agni-jvala-ca yamolecular particle of fire
agni-kamaby the desire for fire
agni-pakvamgrains prepared by being cooked in fire
agni-pariksatest by fire
agni-pindaihballs heated in fire
agni-saktyeby the energy of fire
agni-saktyeby the power of fire
agni-samaas hot as fire
agni-sambhavaha partial expansion of the demigod Agni
agni-sikha ivalike the flames of a fire
agni-sthalima girl produced from fire
agni-tapaheating by a fire
agni-tapatbecause of the heat of fire
agni-taptahburned by fire
agni-varnahas brilliant as fire
agni-varnenaresembling fire
agni-vata fire
agni-vatlike fire
agnibhihby the fire
named Agnidhra, Idhmajihva, Yajnabahu, Hiranyareta, Ghrtaprstha, Medhatithi and Vitihotra
agnidhra-salamthe house of the priests
agnidhra-sutahthe sons of Maharaja Agnidhra
agnidhrahKing Agnidhra
agnidhriyein the wife of Nabhi, the son of Agnidhra
agniha fire
agnihthe demigod of fire
agnihthe fire
agnihthe fire-god
agnihthe sacrificial fire
agnih caand the fire
agnih ivalike fire
agnihotramthe sacrifice known as Agnihotra-yajna
agnihotrimthe kamadhenu
agnihotryamin that cow, which was useful for executing the agnihotra sacrifice
agniminto the fire
agnimthe fire
agnimthe flames
agnimunto the sacred fire
agnimupon the fire
agninin the fire
agnininto the fires
agninthe fire elements within the body
agninthe sacrificial fires
agninaby the fire
agninaby the fire-god
agninasimply by generating the fire of sacrifice
agniraof fire
agnisuin the fire
agnisvatta-adayahheaded by Agnisvatta
agnisvattahthe Agnisvattas
agniteand in scorching heat
agnivarnahAgnivarna, the son of Sudarsana
agnivesyaha son named Agnivesya
agnivesyayanamknown as Agnivesyayana
agocarabeyond the reach
agocarahbeyond the range of physical sound
agocarambeyond the range
agocarein the absence of
agrathe chief
agra-bhajahpossessing ends
agra-bhukenjoying in spite of your elder brother's being present
agra-bhukone who eats before
agra-bhukthe enjoyer of the first oblations
agra-dagdhamwhich was previously burnt (by the monkey soldier Hanuman)
agra-damstrayaby the tip of His tusk
agra-damstreon the end of the tusk
agra-jahborn before you
agra-jahborn prior to you