adrstvahaving not seen
adrstvanot finding
adrstvanot seeing
adrstvanot seeing at all
adrstvanot seeing there within the forest
adrstvawithout seeing
adrsyanot to be seen
adrsya-turbhihunseen in the sky
adrsyahwithout being visible
adrsyantawere seen
adrsyataHe appeared
adrsyatabecame visible (in the presence of the demigods)
adrsyatawas perceived
adrsyatawas seen
adrsyatawas visible
adrtaaccepting seriously
adrtabeing favored
adrtain great respect
adrta-atmabeing very respectful
adrtahattentive to
adrtahbeing evaluated
adrtahbeing honored and respectfully received
adrtahone who so adores
adrtahvery respectfully
adrtahwith faith and adoration
adrtahwith great pleasure
adrtahwith great reverence
adrtamwith great respect
adrthahgive any importance
adrtyaafter honoring them
adrtyawith great respect
aduduhanthey milked out
aduhkhahwithout distress
aduhkhamwithout distress
aduratin the near future
aduratvery soon
aduratwithout delay
adurlabhamnot difficult to obtain
adusita-dhiyahwhose intelligence was not as polluted (as that of their fathers)
adustaninot polluted
advaitaAdvaita Acarya
advaitaAdvaita Acarya Prabhu
advaitaAdvaita Prabhu
advaitaSri Advaita Prabhu
advaitamonism or nondualism
advaitaof Advaita Acarya
advaitaof Sri Advaita
advaitaof Sri Advaita Prabhu
advaitaof monism
advaitaof the name Advaita
advaitato Advaita Acarya
advaitato Advaita Gosani
advaitaunto Advaita Prabhu
advaitawith Advaita Acarya
advaitawithout a competitor
advaita acaryaAdvaita Acarya
advaita acaryaPrabhu Advaita Acarya
advaita acaryaSri Advaita Acarya
advaita acaryaand Advaita Acarya
advaita acaryaof the name Advaita Acarya
advaita acaryathe supreme teacher (acarya) Advaita Prabhu
advaita acarya gosaniSri Advaita Acarya Gosani
advaita kaheAdvaita Acarya Prabhu said
advaita kaheAdvaita Acarya said
advaita kaheAdvaita Acarya says
advaita-acaryaAdvaita Acarya
advaita-acaryaAdvaita Acarya Prabhu
advaita-acaryaAdvaita Acarya, or a teacher of impersonal monism
advaita-acaryaAdvaita Prabhu
advaita-acaryaSri Advaita Prabhu
advaita-acaryaof Advaita Acarya Prabhu
advaita-acaryaof the name Advaita Acarya
advaita-acaryathe name Advaita Acarya
advaita-acaryato Advaita Acarya
advaita-acarya-bharyathe wife of Advaita Acarya
advaita-acarya-gosaniAdvaita Acarya
advaita-acarya-gosaniAdvaita Acarya Gosvami
advaita-acarya-tanayathe son of Advaita Acarya
advaita-acaryahof the name Advaita Acarya
advaita-acaryamSri Advaita Acarya
advaita-acaryamto Advaita Acarya
advaita-acaryeraof Advaita Acarya
advaita-acaryeraof Sri Advaita Acarya
advaita-acaryera thanito the place of Advaita Acarya
advaita-adiSri Advaita Prabhu and others