aeven up to
afrom all sides
aup to the limit of
a sma abhiprcchevery tolerant
a titanipast
a-abdamfor one year
a-abdamfor one year (by human measurement of time)
a-anghri-mastakamfrom the feet up to the top of the head
a-balafrom the children
a-bala-vrddhabeginning from the children up to the old persons
a-brahmabeginning from Lord Brahma
a-brahma-bhuvanatup to Brahmaloka
a-candalaeven to the lowest of men, known as the candala
a-candalaeven to the lowest of men, the candala
a-candalameven to the candalas
a-candaleeven among the candalas
a-candaleto everyone, even to the lowest person
a-grha-sammatamwho is not honored at home
a-janmafrom birth
a-janmafrom childhood
a-janmasince my birth
a-janu-lambita-bhujaarms that reach the knees
a-kalankawithout contamination
a-kalpa-antamuntil the end of the creation
a-kalpa-antamup to the end of the millennium
a-kalpamfor the duration of the time of creation
a-kantha puriyafilling up to the throat
a-manasa-acalatup to Manasa Mountain
a-nila-nisadha-ayatauon the northern side up to the mountain known as Nila and on the southern side up to the mountain known as Nisadha
a-nityetemporary youth
a-pamarameven down to the lowest of men
a-prthivyohof the earth
a-punah-anvayamfrom which one does not return
a-sama-avartanatuntil the end of the brahmacarya-asrama
a-sarira-dharana-avadhifor as long as one still has this body
a-sarira-vaka vibration without a body
a-sarira-vaka voice coming from someone whose body was invisible
a-sindhu-nadito the border of the river Sindhu
a-sva-arthaihnot meant for self-interest
a-sva-drkone who has not seen himself (because of the darkness of the bodily conception of life)
a-tatnot like that
a-tat-arhawho did not deserve
a-tat-arhahalthough not fit for carrying the palanquin
a-tat-arhahnot qualified for that position
a-tat-arhamalthough impossible
a-tat-arhamunsuitable for a person like you
a-tat-arhanahthough not qualified for it
a-tat-arhanamnot fit to be chastised (due to his noble character and tender age)
a-tat-arhanamon which he should not have lamented
a-tat-arhanamwhich was not at all sanctioned by the sastras
a-tat-arhanannot deserving such from them
a-tat-dhiyaby accepting the body as the self
a-tat-dhyanatfrom the bodily concept of life
a-tat-jnawithout knowledge
a-tat-jna-janaby persons not knowing his real position
a-tat-jnahmost ignorant
a-tat-jnanbereft of spiritual knowledge
a-tat-prabhava-vidahwithout understanding his exalted position
a-tat-racanayaby expanding activities in the material field, mistaking the body for the self
a-tat-tattva-vidahnot knowing the secret (of the portents)
a-tat-vidahpersons who are not conversant with this
a-tat-vidahpersons who are not in knowledge
a-tat-vidamnot experienced at that
a-tat-vidamof those who did not know
a-tat-vidampersons who are in ignorance
a-tat-virya-kovidawithout knowledge of the supremely powerful Personality of Godhead (because of intense love for Krsna)
a-tat-virya-vidusiwhen Citraketu, who did not know the prowess of Lord Siva
a-tattva-jnaone who has no knowledge of the Absolute Truth
a-udaya-adrehfrom the mountain where the first appearance of the sun is visible
a-vatubhyahunto those who appear as children
a-virincatbeginning from Lord Brahma
ababhasebegan to say
abaddhahbeing too attached to Her
abaddhavatiirregularly composed
abadhantablocked the way
abahihfrom within
abahihwithout exterior
abahih-vasasahwithout covering garments
abalathe innocent woman
abalathe woman
abala ivalike a weak woman
abalahO friends
abalahO poor women
abalahO women
abalahall the ladies
abalahvery weak