aihikain the present life
aihika-arthesusimply to bring about better worldly comforts
aikantikathe ultimate
aikantikamabsolutely cleansed
aikatmyain terms of oneness manifested in varieties
aikemother Sacidevi
aiksantabegan to look upon the boys
aiksatcould see
aiksathe saw
aiksatabegan to think
aiksatahe saw
aiksatalooked at
aiksatawaited for the fulfillment of his promise
aiksavamsugar candy
aikyatbecause of oneness
aikyatdue to the oneness
ailaHe has come
ailaHe reached there
ailaYou came
ailaYou have come
ailaaccompanied Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu
ailaappeared there
ailabrought in
ailacame back
ailacame down
ailacame out
ailacame there
ailacame to
ailacame to Jagannatha Puri, Nilacala
ailacame to see me
ailadid come
ailahas come
ailahas come back
ailahave come
ailahave you come
ailahe came
ailahe reached
ailareached there
ailathere was
ailathey came
ailathey have reached
ailathey reached
ailathey went
ailawas brought
ailawas nearing
ailawent back
ailawho have come
aila apanecame personally
aila ethayou have come here
aila gharacame back home
aila krsnaKrsna arrived
aila nilacalereached Nilacala (Jagannatha Puri)
aila sanatanayou have come, Sanatana
aila simha-dvarecame to the gate of Jagannatha temple known as Simha-dvara
aila vasa-agharacame to His residential place
aila vedavanaHe arrived at Vedavana
aila vrndavanacame to Vrndavana
aila'has returned
aila-adayahheaded by Aila (Pururava)
ailamaI have come
ailamahave come
ailama amiI am coming very soon
ailanI have come
ailanaI came
ailanaI came back
ailanaI have come
ailasyaof Pururava
ailataBrahma began to offer praise
aileYou have come
ailewhen he came to Mathura
ailewhen it arrives
aileyou came
ailenahas come
aindramof the King of heaven
aindrimcreated by the King of heaven

aindrimknown as an Indra-yajna
aindrimof King Indra
aindrim caand to the quarters where Indra lives
aindriyahin the matter of the senses
aindriyakamknowledge derived from the senses
aindriyakamproduced by the senses
aindriyakamwith reference to the material senses
aindriyamall meant for sense gratification
aindriyamall the senses
aindriyamthe senses
aindriyatfor sense gratification
aindriye dhiyahwhose minds are absorbed in thoughts of superior sense gratification
aindryahof Indra
aineya-ajina-vasasawith a dress of a deerskin
aineya-carmablackish deerskin
ainuI came
ainuI have come
ainuhave come
ainuwe have come
ainu muniI came
airaof Sacimata
aira mandireat the house of Sacimata
airavana-adayahheaded by Airavana
airavatahAiravata, the elephant of King Indra
airavatah namaof the name Airavata
airavatamAiravata, carrying Indra
airayanwere spreading
airemother Saci
aisacome back
aisacome here
aisahave come
aisayou may come
aisa mora gharecome to my place
aisachehas come back
aisamof Lord Siva
aiseautomatically awakens
aisecame there
aisecome there
aisecomes back
aisego there
aisethey came
aisethey come
aiseused to come
aise krsnaKrsna is
aisena dhanacome here with great haste
aisvarambringing understanding of God, or Krsna consciousness
aisvaramof great personalities like Lord Siva and the great sage Saubhari
aisvarasyaof opulence
aisvaryaand opulence
aisvaryaby opulence
aisvaryadivine power
aisvaryamaterial opulence
aisvaryamystic opulences
aisvaryamystic power
aisvaryaof opulence
aisvaryaof opulences
aisvaryathe opulence
aisvaryawealth and power
aisvarya ha-itethan the understanding of opulence
aisvarya jnanetewith knowledge of majesty
aisvarya kahitewhile describing the opulence
aisvarya na janehe does not know opulence
aisvarya prakasaexhibition of a miracle
aisvarya prakatanamanifestation of godly opulence
aisvarya-adiof all kinds of opulence
aisvarya-anandabliss due to opulence
aisvarya-bhavethe mood of full opulence
aisvarya-jnanaknowledge of opulence
aisvarya-jnana haitethan transcendental love in opulence
aisvarya-jnana-hinadevoid of knowledge of opulences
aisvarya-jnana-hinawithout reverential considerations
aisvarya-jnana-misraknowledge of Krsna mixed with a reverential attitude
aisvarya-jnana-pradhanyein the predominance of awe and veneration
aisvarya-jnana-yuktawith understanding of the opulences
aisvarya-jnanebecause of knowledge of the opulence
aisvarya-jnaneby understanding of the opulences
aisvarya-jnanedue to knowledge of opulences
aisvarya-jnanein knowledge of the opulences
aisvarya-jnanein opulence
aisvarya-jnanein the knowledge of opulence
aisvarya-jnanein the understanding of opulence
aisvarya-jnanetewith knowledge of the opulences
aisvarya-jnani-ganelearned scholars knowing the opulence of Krsna
aisvarya-madebeing proud of his opulence
aisvarya-madhurya-mayafull of opulence and the sweetness of love
aisvarya-mattasyaof one who was intoxicated by opulences
aisvarya-mattenabeing very proud of material opulence
aisvarya-mayafull of opulence
aisvarya-pravinaprominence of awe and reverence
aisvarya-purnafull of all opulences
aisvarya-sagaraan ocean of opulence
aisvarya-sithilaweakened by majesty
aisvarya-sithila-premeto love enfeebled by opulence
aisvarya-svabhavaopulences and characteristics
aisvaryahwhose unlimited opulence
aisvaryammaterial opulence
aisvaryammystic perfection
aisvaryampossessing opulences
aisvaryamsuch opulences
aisvaryamthe opulence
aisvaryamthe opulence of independence
aisvaryamthe riches
aisvaryamwhose opulence
aisvaryanithe mystic powers
aisvaryatbecause of your material opulence
aisvaryatfrom opulence
aisvaryeand by opulence
aisyamthe ability
aisyatiwill come back
aitotato the place named Aitota
aitota asi'coming to the nearby garden named Aitota
aitota asi'coming to the place known as aitota
aitota haitefrom the temple of Aitota

ajaLord Brahma
ajaO Lord Siva
ajaO Unborn
ajaO unborn Lord
ajaO unborn one
ajaby Lord Brahma
ajaof the goats
ajathe she-goat
ajathe transcendental energy, who also never takes birth
aja kari'as My grandfathers
aja-adayahBrahma and others
aja-adayahthe demigods, headed by Lord Brahma
aja-adyabhihheaded by Aja
aja-andamaterial planets
aja-anda-sanghaof the multitude of universes
aja-atmajahson of Brahma
aja-bhumanauthe two sons Aja and Bhuma
aja-gala-stananipples on the neck of a goat
aja-gala-stana-nyayalike the nipples on the neck of a goat
aja-gavammade of the horns of goats and bulls
aja-gavammade of the horns of goats and cows
aja-javanikamthe curtain of maya
aja-mayayabecause of the influence of the external, illusory energy of the Supreme personality of Godhead
aja-mukhamwith the face of a goat
aja-svamithe maintainer of another she-goat
aja-vega-niskrtamno release from the power of time
aja-vrsahthe hero of the goats
ajada kariyaemptying
ajada-dhihcomplete fearlessness
ajagamaappeared there
ajagara-ahinaby the great snake known as the python
ajagara-tundenawith the form of a python's mouth
ajagaramof a python (to stay in one place)
ajagaram carmathe dry body of Aghasura, which remained only a big skin
ajagarasyawho took the profession of a python
ajagaratvamthe life of a snake
ajagarenaby the great snake
ajahLord Aja
ajahLord Brahma
ajahLord Sri Krsna
ajahalthough not from a material mother
ajahas good as Lord Brahma
ajahdue to being unborn
ajahnever born
ajahone who is born without a material source
ajahone who is unborn
ajahthe goat
ajahthe self-born
ajahthe self-born Brahma
ajahthe son named Aja
ajahthe supreme unborn one
ajahthe unborn
ajahthe unborn (Lord Brahma)
ajahthe unborn Brahma
ajahthe unborn, the Supreme Personality of Godhead
ajahunborn, beginningless
ajahwho was not born like an ordinary human being
ajaharaaccepted personally
ajaharaoffered obeisances
ajaharawill perform
ajahatgave up
ajahathe gave up
ajahatreturned home
ajahruhbrought about
ajaisithas already surpassed
ajakahof the name Ajaka
ajamLord Brahma
ajama she-goat
ajamnescience, maya
ajamthe unborn
ajamto the unborn (Brahma)
ajamunto Lord Brahma
ajamunto the supreme unborn one

ajamwho is never born, eternally existing
ajamidhaO descendant of King Ajamidha
ajamidha-sutahwas a son born from Ajamidha
ajamidhahDhrtarastra, scion of the family of Ajamidha
ajamidhasyaof Ajamidha
ajamidhatfrom Ajamidha
ajamilah apieven Ajamila
ajamilah apieven Ajamila (who was considered greatly sinful)
ajana janma-rksamthe constellation of stars known as Rohini
ajana-sankayawith the doubt that they would be Visnu
ajana-yoni-jahthe son of Lord Brahma, Daksa
ajanabhein the land of Bharata-varsa
ajanahLord Brahma
ajanahLord Visnu
ajanahthe Supreme Lord
ajanamthe Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is unborn
ajananwithout knowing
ajananwithout knowledge
ajananwithout knowledge of this
ajanantahnot knowing
ajanantahwithout knowing
ajanantahwithout spiritual knowledge
ajanantibeing unaware of
ajanantyabecause of ignorance
ajanantyanot knowing
ajanasyaof the unborn
ajanataby you who have no knowledge
ajanatawithout knowing
ajanatawithout knowledge
ajanatahby a person without knowledge
ajanatahnot knowing
ajanatahthose who are unaware of
ajanatamof the unrecognized
ajanatinot knowing
ajanatiwithout any knowledge
ajanatiwithout knowledge
ajanayatgave birth
ajanayathe begot
ajanda-ganathe innumerable universes
ajaneof Lord Visnu, who is always unborn
ajanihave been born
ajanithere was birth
ajanitook birth
ajaniwas born
ajanisatamwere brought into existence
ajanistagave birth to
ajanistatook birth
ajanistawas born
ajanmafrom birth
ajanmafrom the very beginning of his life
ajanmafrom the very beginning of life
ajanmathroughout the whole life
ajanu-lambitareaching down to the knees
ajaraof imperishable Brahman
ajarawill never become old or diseased
ajarawithout old age
ajarawithout old age or disease
ajaramvery strong
ajasramagain and again
ajasyaof Brahma, the first created living being
ajasyaof Lord Brahma
ajasyaof the living being
ajasyaof the self-born
ajasyaof the supreme immortal
ajasyaof the unborn
ajatanever born
ajatanot arisen
ajata-janma-sthiti-samyamayaunto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is never born but whose appearance in different incarnations never ceases
ajata-paksahwho have not yet grown wings
ajata-paksanwho have not grown wings to fly
ajata-rati sadhaka-bhaktaimmature devotees engaged in devotional service
ajata-satrauunto one who has no enemy
ajata-satravahinimical to none
ajata-satravahwithout enemies
ajata-satraveMaharaja Yudhisthira, who had no enemy
ajata-satrohof Yudhisthira, who has no enemy
ajata-satrohof one who had no enemy
ajata-satrohof one who has no enemy
ajata-satruhMaharaja Yudhisthira, who was no one's enemy
ajata-satrumunto Maharaja Yudhisthira
ajata-viklavahnot afraid
ajatahthe material energy (prakrti)
ajauin battle
ajauon the battlefield
ajavithithe first three stars marking the southern route (Mula, Purvasadha and Uttarasadha)
ajayabecause of dark ignorance

ajayabecause of ignorance
ajayaby His external energy
ajayaby Your external energy, the mode of ignorance
ajayaby material nature
ajayaby maya, the external energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead
ajayaby the external energy
ajayaby the external energy of the Supreme Lord
ajayaby the influence of the illusory energy
ajayaever existing, never born
ajayaunto Brahma
ajayawith nescience
ajayawith the she-goat
ajayamfor begetting
ajayamthe insurmountable
ajayathe conquered
ajayatatook birth
ajayatawas born
ajayatawas delivered
ajethe unborn
ajenaby Brahma
ajenaby Lord Brahma
ajeyamunconquerable by any enemy
ajhoraincessantly pouring tears
ajiimmediately today
ajitoday also
aji haitefrom this day
aji haitefrom today
aji ratryethis night
aji-kali kari'delaying today and tomorrow
aji-mukha-adisuon the war front and so on
aji-mukhein the very beginning of the battle
ajigartamthe son of Ajigarta
ajigartatfrom Ajigarta
ajihaeven until now
ajijanatgave birth
ajijanathe begot
ajikara ratryeon this night
ajinaanimal skin for seats
ajina-uttaramwearing a deerskin upper garment
ajina-vasamsigarments made of deerskin
ajinamantelope skin
ajineand a deerskin
ajinenaby the skin
ajiraihwith outer yards
ajitaO indefatigable and unconquerable one
ajitaO my unconquerable Lord
ajitaO my unconquerable Lord (beyond perception and unlimitedly independent)
ajitaO supreme victorious person, who are never conquered by anyone
ajitaO unconquerable one
ajitaof Lord Sri Krsna
ajitaof Sri Krsna
ajitaone who is never conquered (the Personality of Godhead)
ajitathe Lord, who is unconquerable
ajitathe avatara named Ajita
ajitawho have not conquered
ajita-antarambecause of keeping Ajita, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Visnu, within herself
ajita-asrayahprotected by the invincible Lord
ajita-atmaone who cannot control his senses
ajita-atmabhihrascals who are unable to control the senses
ajita-atmabhihwho could not control their senses and thus were degraded
ajita-atmanahof a person who is a servant of his senses
ajita-atmanahwho has not controlled himself
ajita-atmanamwho are victims of their senses
ajita-atmanohbeing unable to control the senses
ajita-devatanamVaisnavas, or the devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead
ajita-indriyahbecause of being unable to control the senses
ajita-indriyahbeing unable to control the senses
ajita-indriyahunable to control my senses
ajita-indriyahwho has not conquered the senses
ajita-indriyama person who is not self-controlled
ajita-indriyanamof persons who cannot control the senses
ajita-priyavery dear to the Supreme Personality of Godhead
ajita-rucira-lilaby the most attractive pastimes of Ajita, the Supreme Personality of Godhead
ajita-sastra-vahninaby the blazing fire of the Supreme Personality of Godhead's weapon
ajita-sat-vargahwho has not controlled the senses of perception and the mind
ajita-tejasahfrom the fire released by Ajita, the Supreme Personality of Godhead
ajita-vadaglorification of the Supreme Lord
ajitahcannot be conquered
ajitahthe Almighty Lord
ajitahthe Supreme Personality of Godhead, Ajita

ajitahthe Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is unconquerable
ajitah namaby the name Ajita
ajitasyaof the Supreme Personality of Godhead
ajitenaby the mercy of the unconquerable Krsna
ajitendriya hanabeing mad after sense gratification
ajivaminanimate, lifeless matter
ajivanamthan inanimate objects
ajivayatbrought to life
ajivayatcaused to be animated
ajivitahbrought to life
ajivyasource of income
ajivya-adiactivities like distributing food and water
ajivyahthe source of life
ajivyanthe source of livelihood
ajnaO fool
ajnaignorant fool
ajnaof the order
ajnaone by whom nothing is unknown
ajnaone not expert in knowledge
ajnathe order
ajna bhangilewhen one breaks the order
ajna dehagive permission
ajna dehajust order
ajna dehaplease give permission
ajna deha yadiif you order
ajna deha'give Me permission
ajna deha'give the order
ajna deha'just give Me permission
ajna deha'kindly give me permission
ajna deha'kindly give the order
ajna deha'order
ajna deha'permit me
ajna deha'please give permission
ajna deha'please order
ajna deha'you order
ajna dibagive permission
ajna dibashall give orders
ajna dilaHe gave order
ajna dilaHe gave orders
ajna dilaHe ordered
ajna dilaLord Krsna ordered
ajna dilaLord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu ordered
ajna dilaSri Caitanya Mahaprabhu ordered
ajna dilagave an order
ajna dilagave orders
ajna dilagave permission
ajna dilagave the order
ajna dilahas given an order
ajna dilaordered
ajna dilaordered him
ajna dilapromised
ajna dilathe Lord gave an order
ajna dilunI ordered
ajna diyagiving an order
ajna hanaalthough being ignorant
ajna hayaif there is permission
ajna hayaplease give permission
ajna jivaa foolish living being
ajna jivathe ignorant living entity
ajna kailaordered
ajna karajust order me
ajna karakindly order
ajna karaorder
ajna karaplease give permission
ajna karaplease order
ajna karaplease order me
ajna kari'by giving the order
ajna la-ilatook permission to leave
ajna lanataking permission
ajna langhi'transgressing My order
ajna magi'asking my permission
ajna magi'asking permission
ajna magi'taking permission
ajna magi'taking the order
ajna magilaasked for permission
ajna magilaasked permission
ajna magilabegged for permission to leave
ajna magilabegged permission
ajna magilahe asked permission
ajna magiyaasking permission
ajna murkha seihe is an ignorant fool
ajna nahealthough there is no direct order
ajna naithere was no order
ajna nilatook permission
ajna panagetting permission
ajna panareceiving this order
ajna-amrtathe nectarean order
ajna-aparadhaoffense by innocent person
ajna-dosaoffense by an ignorant rascal
ajna-karifollower of the orders
ajna-kariobedient order-carrier

ajna-kariorder carrier
ajna-kariorder carriers
ajna-malathe garland of order
ajna-malathe garland of permission
ajna-palaneby carrying out the order
ajna-patraletters of command
ajna-phalathe result of His order
ajna-sa-arthahfor the interest of the rascals
ajna-sthanebefore an ignorant person
ajna-ucitafit for a fool
ajna-vaniorders and injunctions
ajnaha fool
ajnaha foolish animal
ajnaha foolish person
ajnaha person not aware of the real fact
ajnahan ignorant living being
ajnahat the same time foolish
ajnahbeing foolish
ajnahfools who have no knowledge in standard scriptures
ajnahless intelligent persons
ajnahone who is not properly conversant
ajnahpersons unaware of my prowess
ajnahthe foolish
ajnahthe foolish King
ajnahthis fool
ajnahwithout perfect knowledge
ajnah apieven a foolish person
ajnah apieven a person who has no knowledge
ajnakariorder carriers
ajnamthe order
ajnanthe fools
ajnanaby ignorance
ajnanaof ignorance
ajnana pasandathe atheist of ignorance
ajnana-adiof ignorance, etc.
ajnana-bandhanatfrom all kinds of ignorance, especially the bodily concept of life
ajnana-bhidawhich drives away the ignorance of the material modes
ajnana-jamdue to ignorance
ajnana-jamproducts of ignorance
ajnana-mattammaddened by ignorance or foolishly passing time in karma, jnana, yoga and Mayavada philosophy
ajnana-mohitahbeing bewildered by ignorance
ajnana-mulahwhose root is ignorance
ajnana-prabhavaby the influence of ignorance
ajnana-prabhavahbecause of the great influence of ignorance
ajnana-sambhavahwhich is to be accepted by foolish persons ignorantly trying to become happy
ajnana-sambhutamoutcome of ignorance
ajnana-tamahof the darkness of ignorance
ajnana-tameraof the darkness of ignorance
ajnanamof the foolish
ajnanamof the ignorant
ajnanamwhich is nothing but constant ignorance and darkness
ajnanatdue to ignorance
ajnanatfrom ignorance
ajnanatout of ignorance
ajnanatahonly because of ignorance
ajnaneby ignorance
ajnaneout of ignorance
ajnanenaby ignorance
ajnanenathe lack of knowledge
ajnaptahbeing ordered
ajnaraof the order
ajnara palana execution of the order
ajnasyaof one who is ignorant
ajnatawithout knowledge
ajnata-tattvayato those who are unaware of the truth
ajnateby the order
ajnayaafter knowing this
ajnayaby the order
ajnayahaving understood
ajnayaknowing (this)
ajnayaknowing Lord Krsna fully well
ajnayaknowing it
ajnayaknowing perfectly
ajnayaknowing this
ajnayanot knowing
ajnayaon the order
ajnayaunto a foolish person not conversant with the ultimate goal of life
ajnayaupon His order
ajnayaupon the order
ajnayawithout knowing
ajnea foolish person
ajnenaby the ignorant
ajnesuunto the foolish men
ajohavitamalgamated it
ajohavitcalled ("Krsna and Balarama, come here!")
ajugupatruled strictly according to the Vedic principles